RX-78" by Drip Drop from メカMecha Dreams EP, out on 穏便 Gentle Records

In dedication to his late brother TJ, King releases a heart felt single tittled “Letter To TJ” (Pills And Potions - Nicki Minaj) off upcoming mixtape “Killin’ Spree: Part III

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1 take - Some funkiness on my brothers very first beat… say wha?

The Beatfonics Crew -vol.8 / 2nd Anniversary:

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To celebrate their 2nd anniversary the Beatfonics Crew release a new beattape. 
”This time there’s no theme, no restrictions, no inspiring artist…no borders. There’s just what we are.”

Per celebrare il loro secondo anno di attività la Beatfonics Crew rilascia un nuovo lavoro. “Questa volta non c’è un tema, né restrizioni o artisti “ispiratori”…Non ci sono frontiere. C’e’ solo quello che siamo.”

check out other producers in this beattape:

yeah, i’m on the cusp of cream
trust and believe this is more than just a dream
team grind, keep on
can’t allow y’all to sleep on so
wake up (repeat)

verse 1
no time for small banter, gigging at chitlin’ tour standards
gaining momentum and more and more fandom
wielding the mic like it’s Thor’s hammer
sore back combated with extract from shorn antlers  
with ripping it comes the ribbons and love, the women
and such but tunnel vision ‘til my bidness is done
a mimic of none, unique as a print of my thumb
but just to keep it simple enough, they call me
JB like the Soul Brother Number 1
sucker for break beats where they gave the drummer some
flush your eardrums and deliver from the scum
with a style so clean albums come with rubber gloves
from Playtex, i’m coming up at a pace that’s breakneck
so place your paycheck on a safe bet
to sum it up in a statement, i got Next 
and i don’t mean Butta Luv in the tape deck, check

i’m on the cusp of cream, trust and believe,
this is more than just a dream
i got the touch y’all must agree
So for those still stuck asleep, it’s time to
wake up (repeat)

verse 2
coming through the kid’s fumbling jewels
this year the youth can skip their summer school
my spit a hundred proof, the flames airlift your
balloon and take you on a trip to the moon 
and don’t plant a flag i just tag my handle
the vandal, spray permanent paint can fulls 
getting up something like Christ early Easter
guerilla promo no charge, Shirley Caesar
rap trapezist, my bars flyer
to even admire need to look skyward
tip toe high ropes of barbed wire
with flows i’m cold as hard Breyer’s
hardwired for loops on fire, 
dive in like circus taught tigers
even the tame raise their arms higher
gaze in amazement ‘til your eyes hurt, word


can’t dine solely on critical shine
so pull the vault door open ‘fore i kick it inside
on some Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Cynthia Rothrock
Michael Dudikoff, Jean Claude through your rock box
then non stop your alarm clock 
and brew a stew of no dose in a crock pot
then serve you intravenously, secure your eyelids
open adhesively, repeatedly you’ll hear (wake up)
this is more than amusement
i rule with, two solid steel hands ruthless
i’m on the roof and i’m Q with a loose grip
i got the juice kid, ‘bout to take two sips
my bars ring, tugging your heart strings
it’s like Al Green singing in an arm sling,  
not a darn thing standing between me 
and total supremacy, will glow inevitably, watch me


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