Yuna’s first single off her forthcoming self-titled album.
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This is a remix I did but was never released,hopefully one day it will see the light

New South London production team Sundown eXp introduce us to their sounds, described as a mix of soulful / deep house, garage and a sprinkling of R&B rolled into one. With thanks to their musical inspirations of House, Garage, Grime, R n B and Hip Hop, they are set to grow and inspire music producers of the future, with their fusion of, beats, musical sound and melodies.

They were introduced to a new up & coming R&B singer / songwriter from Romford Essex, Rasharn Powell. Having heard this talented 18 year old sing, with that unique vocal sound & style they were looking for, they recorded the song. And knew it was a match made in Heaven! With the production touches of Sundown eXp, this club track brings together the agility, gravity of resonance for this deep house track.

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Recorded in 2014

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Lyrics :

Look up in the sky it’s a bird it’s a plane it’s a
Smoke a Lil somethin for ya pain mista
Fighting til they put me in a cage
This ain’t a movie this the fuckin hurricane sista
Scars bitter sweet
Sugar cane lynching
Hope u fakes get the shakes when I paint pictures
Don’t usually turn it on
Took a day to listen
First this I thought
They gon hate this one

Let the goblin out
Snaggletooth crocodile
Pack a Shute , parachute , power down
I’m doin vodka firecrackers
And Java Rounds
Just my luck On a roll and all the women in the shower now
Im Michael goin crazy with the flu
Ya lady goin crazy with the loot
How the hell he in the loop J
Flute J
Play somethin
Whole brass section
I’ll double Dutch in
This ain’t Ron’s house
Find somethin to put his stuff in
New Motown. David Ruffin
on CalvinKleins
Not a rise its a jumoman
Afro pics and throwin birds

School house rock flow
Skin color charcoal
Kidnapped the game for fame it got Stockholm’s
I bleed flowers
The Streets got us
And the Soundtrack Aloe Blacc I need dollars
Smoke screens while they planet jack us
Sneaky stepsons turnin rat bastards
Ask us
Was it just a passin thought
Dreams of jags and porches
now I’m plantin
Apple orchard

Free yo mind free you mind
Respect for the king come with time
Come with time

Back away now dangerous
We fish
Diosaurs hangin on anchors
King Dame
Ya saints never ate around angels
I spend my day in the fray
With the Aholes
How these flukes
Unloose in the booth one of Damo’s
Jokin swags
Yellow purple Kobe’s
Viking hat
Hammer of the gods
Shield yo eyes bring the lightening back
You the reason people don’t be likin rap

I do karate on it
Stretching like Pilates on it
Black Ranger but I kick it
like I’m Tommy on it
Bombin on it
Pourin some embalming on it
Shining on it
Nickelodeon sliming
I’m still I’m my pajamas on it
I heard em try n hate but can’t deny the moment
Come and bring yo players where it’s 5 below and
Go in
I be writin more than Tolkien
Waitin to get em right out
In the open
I got shit
Facebook some of my shit
Tell bring they favorite I kill em
My shit is toxic

I’m out of gas dropping glass for the breaking sounds
Bob Marley’s tears over years make Jamaican clouds

goin deep, free DL

Music by Raymon Jamez Feat YoungStarr Performing Nightmare
(Countdown 2 fame) (C) 2011

Another song from the upcoming Flying Lotus Album “You’re Dead!”

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edit: I didn’t realize that this was going to blow up so hard. Thanks to everyone that subbed. I Also make original music too. Feel free to check that out.

We have a special Free Music Monday for you today from the LA-based DJ and production duo Christian Rich, AKA twin brothers Taiwo and Kehinde Hassan. Christian Rich recently contributed to the #1 Billboard albums for Drake, J Cole and Childish Gambino, as well as producing 4 tracks for Earl Sweatshirt’s #1 Rap Billboard album, ‘Doris’. ‘Real Love’ is a beautiful track from their debut EP ‘SS14’ and we are so excited to give it to you today

SS14 is out now on limited 12” Vinyl and digital.

Bass Guitar by Anas Gobori