Written played and produced by Templar in 1985.
Synth - SCI Prophet 600.

Guitar playing - Henry Gentles.

Recorded at Last Laugh Studio, Vulcan Lane, Auckland, New Zealand. An 8-track demo studio.

The Single For “City Lust” Ep Dropping Soon
Album Art Credit -Black Picasso @SHIT_IZ_REAL

Secret Agent by Aquavia

Our remix for J-1, Veela - Sea Chords, enjoy it for free bros ;)

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Music is My Passion,and i will continue to make it.

This is my first track, i hope you enjoy

The new EP by Kerala Bandits is here and it’s called A Hint of Opium.

The second track off of the ep is Ode To Nebuchadnezzar.
You can download the track here https://nomrecords.bandcamp.com/track/ode-to-nebuchadnezzar
Or the EP here nomrecords.bandcamp.com/album/a-hint-of-opium

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After hearing this, our life makes more sense now, thank you hammerclawmusic!

Discovered on bassradio.tumblr.com

Ladies, I know sometimes it can be hard to find a moment to relax and treat yourself as good as you know you should be treated. Don’t worry girl, that’s what I’m here fore.

beatboxing & lyrics come together to create The Vocal Project

-Lyrical Artist & Ricooluis